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OTP Mobility Incorporated is Long Island's EXCLUSIVE LosGroup Inc. dealer, licensed and authorized to sell the ACTION TRACKCHAIR!


OTP Mobility Incorporated is committed to providing a concierge shopping experience to Long Island’s mobility impaired community, for all their 'off the pavement' needs. 

The Action Trackchair and Trackstander are the first step in a line of products that OTP Mobility will carry, with the goal of eventually opening a store front operation with a workshop in back for maintenance and customization of chairs and other products.  In the meantime, we'll meet you wherever is most convenient, your place, our place or anyplace in between.  Customer service is more than just our first priority. We want our clients to be more than satisfied, we want them to be overjoyed!   

“At OTP Mobility, we are committed to providing our clients with high quality products to improve mobility, especially in regards to the outdoors and sporting activities.  We understand the uphill battle involved in recovering from a life-changing accident or diagnosis and dealing with the daily struggles of disabilities.  We recognize the importance outside activity has on one’s spirit and quality of life.”

Get Off The Pavement!


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  The Action Trackchair is a unique, off-road electric wheelchair that provides individuals with mobility issues access to the beach, mud, snow, the woods, campgrounds, mountain roads, and other off-road conditions.  We provide dedicated customer service, offering customers a unique and proprietary off-road electric wheelchair.  It's friendly to the environment and operates quietly so it won't disturb any wildlife that may be nearby.  It's also cost effective to charge and requires only minimal maintenance and upkeep.  Most importantly, it absolutely will change your life if you've had to cut your outdoor time due to injury, illness or age.  The Action Trackchair can take you to all the places you've been missing.  Don't wait any longer to get back to your life.
With the Action Trackchair being the outdoor wheelchair of choice, many people have experienced the fun and maneuverability it provides. Now we’re introducing the Action Trackstander which will further enhance that experience. It’s been in development for some time and is now ready to show how to stand up and see the world. 
Full specifications are available on our Products page. 

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We're planning demonstrations all over Long Island at area hospitals, rehab centers, veteran organizations, sporting and fund raising events, outdoor clubs, parks and beaches.  We'd be happy to arrange a private demonstration for you or your group/organization.  We pride ourselves on being a 'concierge business'.  That means we'll come to you, wherever you choose.  We can set up a course at your home, office or wherever you decide, including the beach and parks!  We love doing demos because of the inevitable all-encompassing smiles that light up the faces of every person that tries this chair.  You will leave the demo smiling so just think of how you'll feel when we deliver your chair and you put it through its' paces!

Check out our new 
Calendar of Events page to see upcoming listings of where we'll be.  Our Facebook feed will always have the most up-to-date information and details.

Contact us now to arrange a demonstration in your area.

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